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  1. Bushnikov

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    Saturday 10/19
    1v1 and/or 2v2 tournament depending on how many people sign up

    this will be a trial run so I can plan better events in the future

    basically the format will be:
    -Draft pick, randomly selected who gets first pick, winner gets first pick for next game
    -all champions playable, but must go mid
    - round robin with brackets depending on turnout
    -best of 3 with finals best of 5
    -winning conditions are first blood or first turret(mid)
    -losing conditions are switching lanes and taking another turret, dying, losing turret(mid)
    -killing jungle camps is ok

    Please sign up and state the earliest you can make it online (Saturday)
  2. Foxy

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    Can't do it this week, sorry.
  3. Bitter

    Bitter Silent Spring

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    I don't think ill have time. Plus still working towards 30 so id be at a bit of a disadvantage. Sounds like a fun idea though.

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